THE committee of the DH Lawrence Society attended the launch of Literary Societies of Sydney at the offices of the British High Commission, 16 floors above Circular Quay, on October 8.

The cocktail party launch was organised by Clive Woosnam and members of the Dylan Thomas Society, and hosted by the British Consul-General, Richard Morris. We have joined with seven other Sydney-based literary societies (Jane Austen; Dickens; Kipling; Brontes; Trollope; Sherlock Holmes; and Dylan Thomas) to form an informal federation of literary societies in Sydney, to establish a presence online, to facilitate communication between those societies, and to encourage public involvement with them. It is unfunded, and non-profit.

At the party, a member of each society gave a brief report on its activities.

Our President, John Lacey,(pictured), talked about our annual harbour cruise, our talks and other activities.