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THE launch of Robert Darroch's e-book The Scaly Back of a Reptie...and the Horrible Paws, took place at a private lunch for "The True Believers" at Bondi, followed later by a larger launch in Sydney's Rocks area.


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Kangaroo (greyscale), by Sidney Nolan

THE Quest for Cooley is over.

In September 2013, the DH Lawrence Review - the main international academic journal of Lawrence studies - published Robert Darroch's article, "Looking Over Lawrence's Shoulder", which tells the story of how Kangaroo came to be written, and how DH Lawrence encountered a real secret army in Australia in 1922, and wrote a novel about this unexpected encounter.

Rananim is publishing here the book Darroch has written about the 40-year search for the truth about Kangaroo...what he calls THE QUEST FOR COOLEY. Click HERE to read the book.

Entitled The Scaly Back of a Reptile and the Horrible Paws, the book will no doubt cause a stir in Lawrence, and even wider circles, as it overturns more than 90 years of literary criticism about Lawrence's 1923 Australian novel.

The book contains an updated version of the DHLR article, and some previously unpublished illustrations inspired by Kangaroo - in particular some scarifying images painted by Australia's most famous artist, Sir Sidney Nolan.



A Gathering of the "True Believers"


Rob Darroch addresses the lunc

ROB DARROCH's e-book, The Scaly Back of a Reptile and the Horrible Paws, was launched at a private function at Bondi on Sunday October 6.

It was a gathering of the "True Believers". Rob had invited the people who had helped him in his research over the past 40 years into how Lawrence wrrote Kangaroo, how he encountered a secret army in Sydney, and what he did from day-to-day, even hour-by-hour, while he was in Sydney and Thirroul in 1922. The lunch also marked the publication of Rob Darroch's article on the chronology of Lawrence's time in NSW in the latest issue of the DH Lawrence Review.

Each guest had provided crucial information to help Rob build his "Darroch Thesis" (as Dr Andrew Moore has dubbed it) and Rob presented them with copies of a CD of his e-book as a gesture of thanks for their contribution.

In a brief speech, Rob said that his e-book, which had taken only two weeks to produce from the finished text, was the future shape of publishing. He paid tribute to each in turn. (For details and a picture spread of the launch in the Rocks - see over page.)

"True Beievers", Paul Delprat,
Peter Coleman and Garry Shead.


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