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Oct 1993, Vol 1, No 1
Letters of Introduction
Letters + Bits

Feb 1994, Vol 2, No 1
Launch on the Grass
What Walter Knew
Incident at the Cafe Royal
Letters + Bits

Jun 1994, Vol 2, No 2
The Footsteps of Lawrence
Evidence of the Rolls
Letters + Bits

Oct 1994, Vol 2, No 3
Evidence of the Letters
Letters + Bits

Feb 1995, Vol 3, No 1
"Darroch Thesis" Put To Flight?
The Battle for Wyewurk
Cup Edition of Kangaroo
Letters + Bits

Jun 1995, Vol 3, No 2
Spy Episode in Kangaroo
A Literary Stoush
Letters + Bits

Nov 1995, Vol 3, No 3
DHL's Reception in Australia
An Unconsidered Trifle
We Battled To Save Wyewurk
Letters + Bits

Apr 1996, Vol 4, No 1
Art Liftout
Letters + Bits

Dec 1996, Vol 4, No 2-3
Valley of the Roses
Pussy Jenkins+Her Circle
Strangers on a Train
Letters + Bits

Apr 1997, Vol 5, No 1
Lawrences Nomenclature
Letters + Bits

Sep 1997, Vol 5, No 2
What's in a Name
Letters + Bits

Dec 1997, Vol 5, No 3
Why DHL Made The Connection
In The Same River Twice
Friends, Lend Me Your...
Art Liftout
Letters + Bits

Jun 1998, Vol 6, No 1
He Had the World+Time
Letters + Bits

Oct 1998, Vol 6, No 2
To Your Liedertafel
Age of Uncertainty
Letters + Bits

Dec 1999, Vol 7, No 1 + Mar 2000, Vol 8, No 1
Nothing To Sniff At
Plaque in Park
We Are Alive
Letters + Bits