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The English writecontact details, r D.H. Lawrence did visit Australia, in 1922 - and that is why we have formed the D.H. Lawrence Society of Australia.

The aims of the D.H. Lawrence Society are to foster interest in Lawrence generally, and his time in Australia, and also to promote the preservation of Wyewurk, the Californian-style bungalow he and Frieda lived in at the seaside town of Thirroul, South of Sydney, where he wrote Kangaroo.

The Society holds regular meetings, seminars and outings, such as an annual harbour cruise on a steam yacht. We also publish three issues annually of our journal Rananim.

He was only here for 13 weeks but he gulped down everything he saw, heard and felt about Australia: its people, the bush and the sea. He went nude swimming in the Pacific, took a tram to Narrabeen and Collaroy, watched Rugby League, and, some believe, came in contact with a secret army organisation in Sydney.

The result was a novel, Kangaroo, a poem, also called Kangaroo, a number of letters and the editing of Mollie Skinner's The Boy in the Bush after he met her in Western Australia.

The D.H. Lawrence Society of Australia was formed in 1994 at a picnic in the Rose Pavilion in the Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens, where Lawrence and Frieda strolled on Saturday May 27, 1922, the day they arrived in Sydney.

Today, the Society has more than 70 members, mainly from Australia, but some from abroad, who come from all walks of life - academics, a postman, teachers, artists, nurses, writers, journalists - you name it.


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