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Our most recent event was a thrilling evening Harbour cruise on the steam yacht, Lady Hopetoun, on Saturday 24 March, 2007. We were hit by a sudden rain storm but enjoyed the trip nonethelesss.

To join the Society please send a cheque for $30 (Aust) or, if you live overseas, $50 (Aust) to The DH Lawrence Society of Australia, PO Box 100, Millers Point, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia.

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On Saturday April 5, 2003, the DH Lawrence Society of Australia set off on its annual pilgrimage to Thirroul to take part in the Thirroul Seaside & Arts Festival.

Our destination was the DH Lawrence Reserve in Craig Street, Thirroul, a beautiful little leafy park overlooking the same beach that Lawrence did from "Wyewurk" at Number 3 Craig Street, only two houses away, where he wrote Kangaroo in May-June 1922.

We had decided this year to invite members and the public to a "Sizzling event with DHL" and prepared for it with barbecue equipment, sausages, onions, rolls and red wine, plus a photocopy of Lawrence's holograph of Kangaroo, and a photographic display to be mounted in the Reserve.

Apart from the breakdown and subsequent towing-away of the Darrochs' car, a 20-year-old Volvo, fondly dubbed "The Gem", which had started to falter on the 60 km trip down south from Sydney, the event was a success, although we would have liked to have seen even more people turn up. The weather was dicey at first, and a lot of people feared rain, but by the afternoon the sea breeze had cleared the clouds and the sun glinted off the green and white Pacific waves below the Reserve.

First to arrive were local identity Don Gray, who had been a mover and shaker in erecting the rock and plaque to DH Lawrence in the Reserve, and Pat Thornleigh, who has taken on the duty of a monthly cleaning and maintaining the plaque, removing any vestige of vandalism that regularly afflicts it.

Doug Knowland, the Society's Treasurer, got the barbecue fired up while Roert Darroch, the Vice-President, stirred a rantalisingly aromaed concoction of his special rice whose recipe is a long-held secret.

John Lacey, the Society's President handed around a delicious terrine he had prepared.

Arriving at the right moment to partake of the sausage sizzle was the recently-
elected Federal MP for the area, Michael Organ, who clambered up the low incline from the beach wearing a Greens T-shirt and bare feet, accompanied by his 14-year-old son, Andrew.

Robert Darroch, Vice-President of the Society, showed Michael Organ the manuscript of Kangaroo and outlined the sorry tale of how the owner of "Wyewurk" refuses to allow anybody to see inside his house. Michael made a speech later in which he stressed his desire to help the Society in any way he could in the matter of "Wyewurk's" future.

Other Society members who attended included Robin and Owen Archer, John and Sally Rothwell and Kerri and Roger Hook, who all drove down from Sydney. Christine Fox, who lectures in Education at Wollongong University joined us from her South Coast home, and a number of local Thirrouleans also joined in.

Society member John Ruffels, dressed in his "Troubadout of Thirroul" striped blazer and straw boater, gave two sessions of readings from Kangaroo, as did Robert Darroch. Then John made excellent use of the battery-driven portable loud speaker system and microphone (kindly lent to us by Don Gray) to stage an impromptu vox pop among the gathering, asking what they liked and knew about Lawrence and his time in Thirroul.

As the afternoon wore on some of the group went for a walk along the beach to view the Festival sculptures while others relaxed and enjoyed the remains of the barbecue before packing up and setting off home. Fortunately, the Darrochs has also hired a station wagon so the folding chairs and tables and the photo displays were packed up safely for the return trip. Meanwhile "The Gem" sat alone and palely loitering at a local motor garage.


[September 23, 2002] Photos of the picnic posted on the PHOTOS page]

[ September 21, 2002]:Spring Bush Picnic and BBQ, Balls Head reserve with a fabulous view of the city and Harbour, all from a bush perspective. Bring picnic/BBQ to share. Free electric BBQ available.

From Waverton, drive or walk down Balls Head Road ( road divides and becomes one way ) to the car park, near which are tables and BBQ. A little further to the cliff edge, there is a table under an overhanging rock. We aim to lunch there.

[August 20, 2002]: A group of members attended Garry Shead's exhbition at the Savill Galleries, Hargarve St Paddington. Highly recommended!

As member Peter Jones proposed to his wife on Thirroul Beach, he has donated $100 to the Society. If anyone other couple follows his example, the Society will gift a copy of Kangaroo to the couple!

[August 12, 2002]: Photos of the House where the Lawrences lived in Taormina, Sicilly, added to the Gallery.

[August 10, 2002] An exhibition of member Garry Shead's paintings, including the renowned Lawrence series, opens today at the Gallery in Hargrave Street, Paddington, opposite the Bellevue Hotel.

It will run for 21 days, and the Gallery is open 11 am-5 pm on every day except Sunday.

[September14,2002]:The Bush Picnic has been postponed for one week to Saturday 21 September, noon, Balls Head reserve

[ Sunday 18 August,2002: ]

The train trip was unfortunately fully-booked, and no seats were available.

[May 18, 2002 Our 9th AGM]

President John Lacey's Report

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to this, the 9th Annual general meeting of the DHL Society of Australia.

Did any of us present at the very first AGM in the Rose Pavilion in 1993 think that we would be approaching our tenth year?

I think that the past year has seen a turning point in our fortunes. We're here, we're here to stay, and the last year has seen us slowly gathering in strength.

And the basis of this resurgence and strength is going to be our web site. Already listed with some search engines such as Google, we are starting to attract inquiries and interest, and I expect that this will increase-I do hope the word will be " explode"-when I announce our presence on the web to overseas academic and enthusiast groups. In a practical way, we have already gained an advertisement for the print Rananim which will bring us in funds which we otherwise would not have.

The reason I have not done so already is that we keep finding some minor repairs and corrections that need to be done. A web site as sophisticated as ours would normally cost around $ 8000 to produce, with on-going hosting costs. So we owe a great debt to Sandra and Rob. While Rob and Sandra have poured so much time and effort into the web site so too has Margaret, who has retyped so many of the items you will see on the website.
I would ask you to now show your appreciation for their efforts.

Why is the web site so important? It is the only way I can think of to bring our Society, and our publication, much greater exposure than can be generated by our current, comparatively small member ship base. I hope it will bring us more members, more readers, and add more contributors to the small stalwart band who regularly write for Rananim.

But Rananim on and off the web is not the only avenue we have. I would also like to pay tribute to John Ruffels and his efforts to inspirit the Thirroul community. John resigned from his Committee position in 2000, but ironically his efforts came to fruition in 2002. Thirroul had finally embraced its DHL heritage and after John's years of toil on the hard stony ground there, the Society was asked to participate in several Community events. Who, despite his weariness, was better able to represent us, and gain us several new members, than John Ruffels? Rob and Sandra, and Doug, also attended this year's Festival, and as a result we seem to have a much warmer and more highly regarded rightful place in the Thirroul community than ever before, despite John's earlier work and that of our Honorary Member, the former Thirroul librarian Wendy Joliffe.

I would also like to make special mention of the print edition of Rananim. The Journal is really the centre of the Society's activities; without it the Society would soon wither, and again I would like to commend to you the work of the Editorial Committee. I can testify that a lot of unseen work goes into the production of the Journal, which is of an unprecedented quality for an Australian literary society of our size. I believe there is no other DHL Journal quite like it! However, I am bringing the central importance of the Journal to your notice for two reasons-to encourage you to seek out and encourage new contributors (or to send us your own!) And secondly, and very importantly, to acknowledge, and make it known to you, that the latest edition was made possible by the generous gift of an anonymous donor who funded the publication of this edition.

The only fund-raising activity the Society has is the Lady Hopetoun cruise. Unfortunately, the cost of the charter has increased considerably. But there is going to be time at the end of the meeting to discuss other activities, and any suggestions you have for fund-raising will be welcomed. And they will be especially welcomed by our anxious Treasurer, Doug Knowland who will be shortly presenting his separate report, for which I thank him on your behalf, in advance, as I know Doug has invested much time in the keeping and preparation of our accounts. With your help, I hope we may be able to give him even more work to do!
My report began on a sombre note: I hope with your help we can end up looking forward to a bright blue sky such as shines somewhat fitfully outside today.

Many thanks to you the members, for your support, over the past year and a few months, and to your Committee members for their support and work on your behalf: Vice President Rob Darroch, Secretary, Margaret Jones, Treasurer, Doug Knowland, Publisher and Membership Secretary, Sandra Jobson, and Archivist, Marylyn Valentine.

John Lacey

18 May 2002


PRESENT: John Lacey, Robert Darroch, Sandra Jobson, Doug Knowland,
Marylyn Valentine, Margaret Jones, Evie Harrison, John Rothwell, Sally Rothwell, Peter Jones, David Tanqueray, Tammy Tanqueray

APOLOGIES: Arch Daley, John Ruffels, Beverley Farmer, Gerald Pollinger,
Andrew Moore, Beverley Firth, Robin Archer, Clif Barker,
Angela Barker

PRESIDENT'S REPORT: John Lacey said as the DHL Society approached its tenth year, there appeared to be a turning point in the Society's fortunes. The resurgence was going to be the web site, and it was hoped there would be an explosion of interest when the presence on the web could be announced to overseas groups.
Minor repairs and corrections still needed to be done, but the site was already listed with some search engines such as Google. The Society owed a great debt to Sandra and Rob who had poured much time and energy into the site. When it was launched it should bring in more readers and more contributors to Rananim
Tribute should also be paid to John Ruffels and his efforts to inspirit the Thirroul community. After years of effort on stony ground, Thirroul had finally embraced its heritage, and the Society now had a much warmer and highly regarded place in the Thirroul Society than ever before.
Special mention should be made of the print edition of Rananim, a DHL journal like no other. The latest edition was made possible by the generous gift of an anonymous donor.
The only fund-raising activity the Society has at present is the Lady Hopetoun cruise, but other avenues will be explored.

TREASURER's REPORT: Doug Knowland reported that at the end of the financial year October 2000 to September 2001, the cash balance was
$1,435.68, and for the period October 2001 to April 2002, the cash balance was $1,726.68.
Membership was now 39, including six new members and seven honorary members.

ELECTION OF COMMITTEE: The committee remains as before: John Lacey President, Robert Darroch Vice-Ppresident, Doug Knowland Treasurer, Margaret Jones Secretary, Sandra Jobson Membership Secretary and publisher of Rananim, Marylyn Valentine Archivist. Evie Harrison has been appointed to the editorial panel of Rananim, Arch Dakey was appointed Victorian correspondent.

EVENTS: John Lacey proposed an evening cruise on the Lady Hopetoun during the period of daylight saving: probably 5 p m to 9 pm.

Other possible events: a bush picnic at Balls Head ,

A steam train excursion on a circular route: Thirroul, Robertson, Moss Vale, Sydney, possibly in August

An indoor function possibly in conjunction with the Jane Austen Society: Liking and disliking Lawrence. Another similar debate at the University of Wollongong or of Western Sydney.

A barbecue in the DHL Memorial Park at Thirroul during the Thirroul Festival. A video to be made of Lawrence's Thirroul.

DHL dinner with dishes mentioned in Lawrence's work.

A Rose Garden picnic at Christmas.

Peter Jones mentioned the formation of a group called Art House, possibly at Walsh Bay. Extracts from Lawrence's work could be read, or perhaps Tennessee Williams' play about Lawrence in Mexico could be staged.


Profit & Loss Statement

October 2000 through September 2001


Social Activities Income $1,690.00
Membership fees $690.00
Total Income $2,380.00
Gross Profit $2,380.00
Bank fees and charges $62.41
Website Design $1,000.00
Printing $263.00
Photocopying $55.00
Postage & Shipping $78.55
Total Expenses $1,458.96
Operating Profit $921.04
Other Income
Interest Income $1.00
Total Other Income $1.00
Net Surplus / (Deficit) $922.04

Balance Sheet
As At 30 September 2001
Current Assets $1,435.68
Total Assets $1,435.68


Net Assets $1,435.68

Current Year Surplus/Deficit $922.04
Historical Balancing $513.64
Total Equity $1,435.68

D G Knowland
Hon Treasurer
Comment on Financials

As the Hon Treasurer usually reports on the annual accounting period, the story would stop at 30th September 2001 and my report could end on page 1. However, it has been a while between drinks, so the table below summarises what occurred from October to April this year. The major payments were for the harbour cruise and April 2002 Rananim ($526). Receipts included a generous anonymous donation ($500), membership fees and offsets to the cruise.


Sandra and I have monitored this carefully. The recent trip to Thirroul was a success. The membership at the time of writing is 39. Couples counted as two. Summarily:
New members 6
Financial 2002 members 17
Honorary members 7
Those financial in 2001 expected to remain 9
Total 39

I have some more money to bank from members and new people.

Financial Year October 2000 to September 2001

Cash at bank 1 Oct 513.64
Plus Receipts 2,381.00
Less Payments 1,458.96
Cash at bank 30 Sept 1,435.68

Period October 2001 to April 2002

Cash at bank 1 Oct 1,435.68
Plus Receipts 1,846.00
Less Payments 1,555.00
Cash 30 April 1,726.68

D G Knowland
Hon Treasurer


[ 4 Jan 2001 ]
    Welcome to 2001!
We'd all just like to say, welcome to 2001!

[ 19 Dec 2000 ]    DHL Society of Australia - Website Development Begins!
Development of the new DHL Society website has begun, thanks to Ankit Kumar, working on the site design + layout, and Con Murdoch, collecting and publishing the content and Rananim articles.

[ 19 Dec 2000 ]    Happy Christmas + New Year
Have a great Christmas + New Year, from all of us at the DHL Society of Australia!